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Cinema in detail: the soundtrack is the pulse on the wrist of the film industry (+video)

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Lasse Hallström is the name of the Swedish director who gave life to an impressive number of magnificent "tube" films.

Safe Haven, Spices and Passions, What's Eating Gilbert Grape, The Cider House Rules, and the already legendary drama Hachiko all effortlessly become headliners of romantic evenings. Under the strict guidance of this talented person, in 1999, the incredible, warming, adored by me since childhood for its energy “Chocolate” with Juliette Binoche and Johnny Depp, saw the light of day, from which my passionate pursuit of “the very” desired melody from movie.

Nowadays, thanks to the progressive development of gadgets and applications for them, finding the cherished song is a matter of a couple of seconds and clicks. It is worth, for example, to turn on Shazam, beloved by many music lovers, and we are already tasting this sweet fruit. Once upon a time, the search for OST could drag on for months, or even years, until somewhere by chance, having lost any hint of hope, you hear these sounds. As a result - you squeal with delight! What are the (subjectively) soundtracks that accompany the opening of the series “ Smallville”, “Charmed”, “Clone” and, of course, “California” by the wonderful team of Phantom Planet on the intro of the series “The O.C.”, which even now makes my heart beat faster . Thanks to technology, at the moment they are all playing in my speakers again. Nostalgia of the times of questionnaires for friends, “Little Fairy”, rainbow springs and cards with Pokemons. I remember well how after school, hurrying home, I quickly took a step (the path, by the way, not a short one) with an important mission not to miss the beginning of my favorite series.

After a while, the gates of the Internet space were already freed from the “bolt” of slow speed. Perhaps this was the reason for my wide acquaintance with the new wave of film products. Already at a conscious age, one of the landmark series for me in this regard was One Tree Hill, the soundtrack to which was the song of the talented musician Gavin Degro. His music is still in my personal "Top 10" to this day and is always securely fixed in the playlist.

If we talk in general about such a phenomenon as film music, then in addition to the soundtrack in the form of a finished song, it is worth mentioning the work of composers who specialize in creating original background music. Today there are a lot of such talented specialists in the film industry. They write music for films under the guidance of producers and directors who, through the sound, make many scenes not only pleasant to listen to, but in some cases even unforgettable. Among them is one of my favorite composers, the Italian pianist Ludovico Einaudi. He gave incredibly colorful music to the amazing French film "1 + 1", which I highly recommend for viewing.

In addition, some authors and performers already known to the public are opening up from a very unexpected side. As an example, I will cite a Soviet musician from Brest - Igor Kornelyuk. His composing talent helped convey the full range of Bulgakov's fantasy through impressive music for the TV series The Master and Margarita.

Thanks to the diamonds of film production framed by music, many films want to be reviewed and again immersed in the atmosphere correctly created by the authors. If, connecting the picture and the soundtrack, you feel what can be called harmony, the author's task is completed. As one phrase I remember from childhood says: "Vita brevis, ars longa", which means "Life is short, art is eternal." This has always been the truth, and, I want to believe, it will remain so.


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