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Under the star of the future champion. A report on the fluffy-eared farm of a well-known rabbit breeder in Belarus

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The year 2023, the main symbol of which is the Black Water Rabbit, is considered one of the happiest. Life will be measured and calm, astrologers say.

Elena Savelyeva, a resident of Yuratishki township, one of the most famous rabbit breeders not only in the Ivye region, but throughout Belarus.

In December of last year, in order to shoot a New Year's report about her fluffy-eared household, there was no end to the journalists. Of course, out of good old friendship, Elena could not refuse us. We caught her doing her usual chores: cleaning the cages and feeding the eared ones. Although, as an experienced rabbit breeder says, in winter, special care for rabbits is not required, however, daily worries are full of mouths.

“The main thing is that they should be dry, there should be no drafts,” Elena Savelyeva shares the secrets of housekeeping. “Every morning and evening I put warm water in the cages. I think it's essential in winter”.

In the Savelyevs' rabbit farm, preference is given to the "white giant" and Californian breeds. Their representatives have repeatedly been champions among their relatives at various exhibitions.

In 2022, Elena Savelyeva with her pets went to the international exhibition "Belagro-2022", participated in various agricultural fairs.

She is also one of the most active members of the Belarusian Society of Rabbit Breeders, which, according to her, will have a new year of 2023 filled with new events. For example, an exhibition is planned, where an examination of rabbits and a demonstration of the best samples grown in rabbit farms will take place.

“Rabbit breeders are very fond of such events, because here you can show your pets and chat with like-minded people, and at the same time give people the most positive emotions, because no one remains indifferent to our animals,” says the woman.

There is a lot of preparation for this event. It started a long time ago. When an animal enters of an expert rabbit breeder, its health is evaluated first of all. Animals should show no outward signs of illness and be in good shape. It is advisable to teach the rabbit an exhibition stand. The rabbit is taught at home: they put it on the table and it is desirable that there are several people at the table - they give the rabbit the opportunity to straighten up, stand on its hind legs - feel safe - it is necessary not to be afraid of hands.

Among the large rabbit family, the hostess always has favorites - this year it is a black rabbit. It is him that Elena will prepare for participation in the expert exhibition. Perhaps this is the breed champion in 2023.

For him and his friend - beautiful white rabbit with black ears and nose - our photojournalist arranged a real photo session. It was not only cute, but also so stylish! On white snow under a viburnum bush with red berries, two handsome, eared and fluffy, posed.

They say that the rabbit is a symbol of abundance, happiness, and a long joyful life. So let it be so for everyone!


Author Irina Buturlya. Photo by Stanislav Zenkevich. Translated by Rita Ray.


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